This is my first blog after 6 years. I really wanted to start with something inspiring. I am now working on setting up my own consultancy after being in the International trade since 2011. I thought the journey started when I enrolled in Agilam Institute of Foreign trade for the Diploma in International trade. But it wasn’t! The seed of desire was sown when I was six years old. I loved to sit with my grandfather helping him with his ledger. I got no interest in fairy tales but keen about hearing those real stories of how my grandfather toiled to set up his own empire. I remember him saying that his fifth attempt turned out to be a charm. It registered in my mind that those 4 failures were each step closer to his success. He never looked back after that. He is still that energetic and authoritative (He is 90 years old now). Is he not inspiring? Unquestionably He is (At least to me).

Below is the journey of three women entrepreneurs will inspire you. I feel blessed to have known them personally.

Mrs. Ramalakshmi NambhiRajhan (Ramu):

Ramu, aged 52 is from Tirunelveli. She is an LIC insurance advisor and collaborates with her spouse’s rice wholesales business, exports. She became an entrepreneur at the age of 49. She always tells that she wanted to achieve something great in her life. She works round-the-clock and her ambition is to receive an award from the President. Despite all the challenges, she stays motivated by keeping her staunch Christian faith. Her strength is that she motivates herself saying ‘If I can’t, then who can’.

Mrs. Kruthika Kumaran:

Kruthika is the founder of “vilvah store” – a fresh handmade natural. Kruthika started her venture after her mother’s demise due to over dosage of skin medication. She wanted to spread awareness of fresh and natural skincare and cosmetic products. Spending most of her time in research and development, she brings out the best product for her customers. Though sourcing premium quality raw materials is a major challenge, reviews and positive feedbacks from the customers keeps her motivated. She recognizes that her key strengths are diligence, energy, and aspiration to provide the quality products. For more details, click the links below
www.facebook.com/vilvahstore, www.instagram.com/vilvahstore

Mrs. Durgesh Nandhini:

Nandhini is a multifaceted business woman. An inspiring and interesting lady. You feel a buzz if she is around. Her excitement about frivolous stuff makes you realize that petite things do make an impact. She is a minimalist actively focussing into zero waste lifestyle in an urban. Her blogs record her thoughts and experiences of her transition being a hoarder to an organized minimalist and a zero waste. It so happened to be influenced as a guidance, motivation, and support to others. While sticking to strict deadlines and grammar anxiety are the significant challenges faced, the amount of love, massive reach, and positive aura contributes to her motivation. Her strength is the ability to connect with varied demographics, choosing relevant topics, and her writing style. Her blog is www.durgeshnandhini.com.

Setting up a business is not an activity, it is an attitude. We are living in one of the best times of entrepreneurial era. We might tend to feel low at times, with no stones turned. It’s enough if you are passionate about being an entrepreneur. Your perseverance will not let you down. There are loads of information, webinars, and authentic materials available on the internet. The government of India is also taking remarkable steps to make India the preferable location to do business. There are many altruistic mentors providing astounding support to budding innovators.

To conclude, I can write about many who influence others in a positive way. These three ladies are just an example. Money is neither an obstacle nor motivating factor for an entrepreneurial spirit.
                                          YOUR PASSION IS THE KEY.