Vision of Consult Kriba as a consultancy is to facilitate Indian entrepreneurs and manufacturers to succeed in International business. With the help of internationally accepted tools and techniques, we help our clients to gain competitive advantage.

What we focus?

          We focus on the “4 Pillars of Successful Exports Business”.

  1. In-depth Product analysis
  2. Thorough Market analysis
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Gaining Competitive advantage

In-depth Product analysis

          Successful marketing of a product in hand requires comprehensive knowledge of product. Customers are more specific on requirements and keen to buy precise products. Products are studied meticulously on the varieties, forms, specifications, seasonality, yearly performance, trends, STEEP factors, Harmonised system codes of different countries, packaging, usability, pricing, value additions etc.

Thorough Market analysis

          Recognising and targeting suitable customers brings more business prospects. Each country will have different needs, preferences, and policies. Market study aids in understanding the potential of success in the country. Our market analysis focuses on the STEEP factors, trading relationships, identification of demanding markets and saturated markets, market segmentations, diversification of market etc.

Competitor analysis

          Knowing about leaders in the business and how they differ from others is essential for success. Competitor analysis is all about knowing your competitors from your country or other countries and in the target country.

Gaining Competitive advantage

          The first 3 pillars gives theoretical viewpoint concerning exports and final pillar is about putting them into practice. Knowledge of speciality and limitations of the product in hand, turning buyer’s attention towards our products are few key areas focused.

Range of Services

Digital Marketing Services:

          This service is relevant for those who want to have online presence to grow their business.

Key features:

  • Content Writing: Provide the required details and we get your content ready focussing on international standards
  • Designing: Elegant, User-friendly and effective website designing
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Search engine optimization

Online Course:

          Our online course EXIM A-Z comprises all key information required to start exports business. This service is apt for new entrepreneurs, start-ups seeking knowledge on international business scope.

Key features:

  • 40 Easy-to-follow videos covering various topics
  • E-book on Exports
  • Groups on social media for queries, discussion and networking
  • Lifetime access

 Click here to enroll. 

Personalised Consultation:

          Our personalised consultation is suitable for traders who possess limited familiarity about exports and look for guidance. 

Key features:

  • Website development
  • One-to-one consultation, customised to client requirements
  • Support till execution of first order

Contact us for details.

Business Development Service:

          Business Development Service is pertinent to manufacturers who seek to outsource their exports marketing activities. We take care of exports. 

Key Features

  • Website development
  • Social Media marketing – LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn group interaction, Facebook company page
  • Exports Marketing – Export Potential Analysis, promoting in the B2B channel, Identifying the potential buyers, contacting the buyers
  • Exports Management – pricing strategy, negotiating the quantity, price, and payment terms, obtaining the P.O., Sales contract, and overseas Client management
  • Exports Documentation – Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, and Packaging list

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