What are the eligibility requirements to enrol for the Export training?

There isn’t any formal qualification or eligibility required to enrol for the training. It is essential to be able to communicate in English and use the internet.

Do you have any online course?

Yes. Our online course EXIM A-Z: A wholesome approach to Exports/Imports Business. Click here for details

Do you provide one to one guidance?

Yes. We provide one to one guidance in Export consultation service.

How is your export consultation different from other exports training courses?

Our Export training is unique from other exports training courses for the following reasons: i) Our training can be taken at client’s convenient time, ii) We train based on our client’s strength and passion  iii)  we offer mentoring based on each client’s requirements and potential, iv) Our mentoring is till our clients get their first order, v) we offer export procedure, export strategy and digital marketing services as components of our exports training.

What is the procedure for joining your export training?

Enrolment for the online course is open all the time. You can register at any time and get access to the course within 24 hrs.

For other services, Email us at consultkriba@gmail.com or call us at +917550302005 for more details

How much do you charge?

Call us on (+91) 755 030 2005 for more details.

 How do I make payment?

Once registered for the training, we will email you the details to make payment.

Do you guarantee the success of your clients?

That is our focus. Our goal is that our clients should be able to acquire an export order within targeted time following our training and timelines. Each client’s success depends on their commitment and dedication. Our strategies are constructed based on getting an export order within 90 days. 

These are most frequently asked questions regarding our exports training. Please email us at consultkriba@gmail.com, if you have any queries regarding our service. We will reply within 24 hours.

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