What are the eligibility requirements to enrol for the Export training?

Eligibility for each service is mentioned under each service in the service page. It is essential to be able to communicate in English and use the internet. Commitment and dedication are the most important eligibility to be part of our trainings.

How to register for one of the programs?

Please fill the Enquiry form or contact us. You will receive a call as per your convenient time mentioned. If you are ready for the program, you will receive with registration details.

Are these services provided via online or offline?

The services are provided via online.

How much do you charge?

Please fill the form given in the service page. You will receive an email with time slot for a free 30 min. consultation. At the end of the consultation call, you will receive the information on the most suitable service and charges.

What are the languages used in the sessions?

English or Tamil

What is the pre-requisite to join in the programs?

Basic English, ability to use internet and computer, commitment and dedication to complete each week tasks.

When are the sessions scheduled?

The sessions are one to one personalised session. You will receive the available time-slots for each session at the end of the previous week (First session time slot at the time of the registration).

Is the result guaranteed?

Consult Kriba is responsible for providing clarity and guidance to progress. Results are achieved only if the participant is committed to take actions as per the guidance.

These are our most frequently asked questions regarding our exports training. WE WORK ON ‘NO REFUND POLICY’ (refer to our privacy policy) Please email to us at reach@consultkriba.com, if you have any queries regarding our service. We will reply back within 24 hours.