Consult Kriba – Helping you succeed in Exports / Imports business

          Exports is one of the most successful and lucrative business in any period. Advancement of technology, access to resources, Government supports, schemes has made exports feasible and worthy for everyone to undertake. While it is considered as a treat when you succeed, export is a trickier business till your success.

          Success MantraThere are 4 pitfalls causing nosedive in exports viz.,

  1. Lack of knowledge and understanding
  2. Fear of investment and failure
  3. Lack of networking
  4. Wrong attitude/mind-set 

          We, at Consult Kriba incorporated the most effective strategy to help our clients discover success. We call it ‘4 Pillars of Successful Exports Business’.

  1. In-depth Product analysis                                                            
  2. Thorough Market analysis 
  3. Competitor analysis               
  4. Gaining your competitive advantage

          The basic infrastructure required to start an Export/Import business is a smart phone, laptop/computer and internet connection. Anyone can succeed in Export business with proper understanding, guidance and dedication.

My Success Story:

          As a naïve, fresh graduate with limited knowledge of domestic market trends, I ventured into export business in 2011. All I had initially, was the learning from 3-month diploma in International trade. I emulated my trainer’s counsel and with the help of supportive parents, I overcame the hurdles to get an export order within 90 days. I received an Achiever award for the accomplishment.

          Fulfilling life commitments, I resumed export business with my own strategy. Targeting a similar success within 90 days, I invested hundreds of hours to gather all vital information regarding diverse product and government trade policies.

          I am now capable of understanding the exports trends, identifying the real opportunities, scrutinising the variances, utilizing the right resources, adding competitive edge and most importantly, the ability to mentor others.

          Potential and curious exporters with various level of knowledge about International market trends approached me for guidance. CONSULT KRIBA was born with the intent to lead them towards success by means of individualised strategy.

          We provide online training, consultation with digital marketing, Exports Business Growth Plan and business development service. Our primary focus is to instil required knowledge to acquire export order. We extend our guidance as and when required, till the successful execution of the export order. Our goal is to help budding start-ups, traders and manufacturers to be successful in Exports/Imports business.

         We provide assorted services to accommodate clients at different stages from new-to-entrepreneurship to traders and manufacturers. Check our services at  

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